Converting a difficult image to Black & White with Silver Efex Pro

Hi, it’s been a while since I did a video tutorial so here’s an old one about a plug-in that suddenly is "hot" again. It’s about converting a "difficult" image with a very bright sky into a dramatic Black & White with lots of sky detail. Done with my Black & White conversion plugin of choice: Silver Efex Pro. The video also shares some tips on file preparation before you enter the plugin. Please note that the info at the end of the video regarding discounts and pricing is no longer accurate. In fact, that's why I wrote that five year old Silver Efex Pro is hot again: while Silver Efex Pro 2 used to be a $199 purchase, it’s now only available as a bundle (the "Nik Collection by Google") with the other 6 Nik plugins and… it has now become completely free! Yes that's free as in F.R.E.E.! That means that Silver Efex Pro is no longer only one of the best Black & White plug-ins out there, it's definitely the cheapest one! More about that in this blog post.

Sure enough, at that price, it probably won't receive any new features any time soon but I don't really care. It's got all the features I need and the Control Point technology is still as amazingly simple to use as it was more than five years ago when the software was released.