I use the Fujinon 14 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm, 23 mm, 35 m, 56 mm and 90 mm. I guess you can say I love prime lenses (which is also the reason I like to shoot with two bodies). My favourite setup is one wide lens (such as the 16 mm or the 10-24) on one body for the 'environmental portraiture' type of stuff and a more portrait lens, such as the 35 or the 56 on the other.


I also very much like Fujifilm's zoom lenses: their 50-140 is extremely sharp and so is the 16-55. I also use the 10-24 a lot. When I just want to pack light, I'll throw one body with the 18-55 kit lens in the bag. Don't let the term 'kit' fool you: the 18-55 is a very fine lens! My all-time favourite combination is the 10-24 on one body and the 56 mm on the other, with the 16 and the 35 in the bag in case I want or need the shallow depth of field of those lenses.