EasyDodge is a custom Photoshop Panel with a matching action set that will allow you to easily dodge (lighten) and burn (darken) parts of your image. It also lets you apply creative sharpening to an image.

EasyDodge is part of the Craft & Vision eBook package 'Dodge & Burn: Leading the Eye in Lightroom and Photoshop' that can be purchased here.

The Package comes with the eBook, Photoshop panel and action set that will work in Photoshop CS5/CS6 (English versions only), a user guide and exercise files.

Check out the video above for an overview of what EasyDodge can do for your pictures.

Key features are

  • simple yet flexible Dodging (lightening) & burning (darkening) of large areas in a picture, based on a rough selection (EasyDodge)
  • allows for finer control with classical Dodging & Burning techniques (see video for more detail)
  • lets you finesse your picture by painting 'Clarity-like' sharpness
  • features 'Volume Controls' to easily fade, delete or duplicate effects
  • works on color as well as B&W images
  • all adjustments made on separate adjustment layers, so completely flexible & non-destructive
  • The demo video shows the CS5 version of the panel but in the C&V download you will find both a CS5 and a CS6 version that will work with English versions of Photoshop.