The Power of Black & White

In Adobe Lightroom & Beyond (A Masterclass)

The Power of Black & White in Adobe Lightroom & Beyond (A Masterclass) by Piet Van den Eynde is an exceptional course on creating black and white photographs in Adobe Lightroom. For the emerging photographer, digital black and white may seem like it’s simply a mouse-click away, but the process to create outstanding monochrome images requires a systematic and knowledgeable approach to colour conversion and post-production editing.

The book features detailed explanations, step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and case studies to help you make beautiful black and white photographs. Thorough notes on the tools, plug-ins, brushes (and even HDR techniques) will provide the resources you need to produce powerful and captivating images.

Above you can see a couple of sample spreads from this 100 page eBook.

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