Lightroom 6 Up to Speed

Everything You Need to Know About the Adobe Lightroom 6 Upgrade

If you like what Lightroom 5 does for your workflow, wait ‘til you see what Lightroom 6 can do! Adobe Certified Expert Piet Van den Eynde opens the vault of information on all things new in Lightroom 6.

If you’re curious to know what the changes are in your favourite digital darkroom software and how they can advance your post-processing, Lightroom 6 Up to Speed provides the answers on how to best use the new features of HDR, People View, Graduated and Radial Filter brushes, the upgraded Slideshow Module, moveable Adjustment Brush Masks, Panoramas, Collection filtering, and more. Piet provides real-life examples of how to use these new features to your best advantage.

This 113-page eBook also provides two bonus chapters on Lightroom mobile and switching from Apple Aperture to Adobe Lightroom (so if you’re wondering if this is the tool for you, you’ll be glad you made the switch).

Above you can see a couple of sample spreads from this 113 page eBook. Please note that the type in these sample pages is not fully legible due to JPEG compression. When you buy the eBook, you'll be getting a PDF file with crystal clear letters and graphics!

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