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While you're here... here's a quick way to install all the presets in one go...

  1. Download the zip file MTW Lightroom and unzip it. This will give you a folder called MTW Lightroom Freesets

  2. Select the folder (the folder itself, not the individual preset files in the folder) and copy it to your computer's clipboard (Cmd-C on Mac, Ctrl-C on Windows)

  3. Start up Lightroom and go to the Lightroom Preferences: Lightroom > Preferences (Mac), Edit > Preferences (Win)

  4. Choose the second tab (Presets)

  5. Halfway that tab on the right, you'll find a button 'Show Lightroom preset folder'

  6. Click that button. This will open up a Finder/Explorer window with a main folder 'Lightroom' and a number of subfolders

  7. Open the subfolder called 'Develop Presets'

  8. Paste the contents of your clipboard (the folder MTW Lightroom Freesets) in that Develop Presets folder

  9. Restart Lightroom

  10. Your presets should appear in the Develop Presets in the Develop Module.